Photo by Rick Cook 

I am a Director of Photography based in Brooklyn, New York.  I work in all formats and have shot commercial projects for clients such as Enterprise, AirBnB, Toyota, Nissan, Cadillac, Sony, and J.Crew.  My first feature film, Adventures in Success (dir. Jay Buim), played at the Cinequest and Austin Film Festivals in 2021 and was digitally distributed by Utopia in 2022. 


I’ve been involved in filmmaking and photography since the age of ten and am perpetually grateful to work in an ever-evolving medium that has the power to touch and connect diverse groups of people through shared experience.

I anticipate the unique challenges posed by each project and love collaborating with directors to find creative and technical solutions to help realize their visions.

I believe good cinematography must always serve the tone, characters, and story of each piece.  It should synthesize with every other element of style and become invisible.

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